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The Move Your Feet Before You Eat!® Foundation proudly supplies Mileage Club kits by Fitness Finders to local schools. These kits are a great incentive for fitness milestones. We will provide shoelaces for every 50 miles ran in your school program. We also provide subsidies for the lap tracker system that now has a free scanning application that can be downloaded on to your cell phones or ipads. Motivation reports and certificates of achievement are provided as part of the program. Below you’ll find other resources for youth. Click on each tab to expand.

30 minute Run / Walk Program

Here’s a free 8-week program to get started:

30 minute Run / Walk Program 3 days per week

Week 1             Run 30 sec., walk 1 min. for 25 minutes

Week 2             Run 1 min., walk 1 min for 25 minute

Week 3             Run 2 min., walk 1 min. for 25 minutes

Week 4             Run 3 min., walk 1 min. for 30 minutes

Week 5             Run 5 min., walk 30 sec. for 30 minutes

Week 6             Run 7 min., walk 30 sec. for 30 minutes

Week 7             Run 3 x 8 min, walk 1 minute rest in between

Week 8             Complete a 5K!

We recommend static stretching/breathing after the first 7 minutes of total exercise and after the 25 – 30 minutes of activity are complete.


You can start out walking fast for the same time the runners are running then walk slow during the rest period.

Cross Training – 2 days per week

Cross training is a very important part of your running program.  It involves doing another activity (not running) that will help improve you running performance, while minimizing impact on your body.  Examples of good cross training exercises are swimming, biking, calisthenics, and weight training (upper and lower body including core). You can cross train 1-2 days per week during this program.

Active Rest – two days per week

Rest days are built into your training schedule.  You must rest a minimum of one full day per week to allow your body to get stronger and prevent injury! You may use 1-2 of your other rest days to cross train if you choose.  This program is designed to prepare you to complete a 5K with 3 days per week of race-specific training.

Training Locations/Date:

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 PM.

Variety is an integral part of every training activity. Therefore, we will occasionally venture to new venues. Contact us via email to join our running group.

Download a sample 6-week running program from Laurel Elementary.

Running Games

Training Plans for Middle School Students

Training and Running Tips for Leaders and Kids