Below is a brief recap of 2017 and a short timeline of our efforts this year:

Year-round activities:

  • Regular healthy posts on Facebook for excellent food and activity recommendations
  • Regular website updates regarding Foundation progress and resources for healthful living
  • Colleen Soto regularly attends the South O Walk About program
  • ED Kathy Kinane and Colleen Soto coach weekly Adult Running/Walking Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays


  • LiveWell San Diego issued a proclamation and declared April 5 as Move Your Feet Before You Eat! Day in San Diego County. We accepted the award at the Intergenerational Games in San Marcos.
  • Foundation was nominated for the Malin Burnham Most Admired Foundation award – May 2017
  • We negotiated a waiver of the subscription fee from the lap tracker company for San Luis Rey Elementary so that we would have data to support soliciting funding for the program.


  • Anne Garrett was a featured speaker at the Sharp Vitality in Aging at the Escondido Arts Center on June 2, 2017.
  • We conducted our Annual Board Meeting in June. All board members were in attendance. We welcomed new Board Members Jennifer Topzand, David Brahms, Tricia Halsey and Carl Brandt
  • Foundation and community members marched in the Oceanside 4th of July parade
  • Coordinator Colleen Soto was a featured speaker and lead a very popular health and fitness class at the UT Senior Expo at the Del Mar Fair.
  • Kathy Kinane and Colleen Soto Attended the Childhood Obesity Conference in San Diego
  • Genentech made a donation of $5,000, Richard Muscio made a donation of $1,000.


  • North County Philanthropy Council recognized Foundation Spokesperson Anne Garrett as volunteer of the year for 2017.
  • Foundation provided 5 schools (Del Rio, Laurel, South Oceanside, San Luis Rey, and Casita) gift certificates to Running Center and Dick’s Sporting Goods be utilized for running incentive gifts.
  • Foundation provided mileage club starter kits and incentives for 17 schools. (Del Rio, Laurel, Libby, South O, Casita, St Mary’s, Temple Heights, Santa Margarita, Palmquist, Mission, Fousatt, Garrison, Alamosa, Lake, St. Francis, Bonsall West, Reynolds).
  • Board Member Ruben Sandoval coached cross country at Roosevelt Middle School.
  • Community volunteer and Trot coordinator Karen Cunningham coached Cross Country at Lincoln Middle School.
  • Executive Director Kathy Kinane attended the amazing Ron Finley Garden Project at Laurel Elementary produced by parents, teachers and students in conjunction with the UCSD Master Gardener program and community volunteers. It was an incredibly successful event ! Thrilled to have been invited.
  • Kathy and Trish submitted grant applications to Oceanside Educational Foundation and the Childhood Obesity Initiative.
  • Featured in COM
  • Laurel Lions were on KUSI talking about their running program and the trot. We received 2,400 views on facebook link.
  • MYFYBE Foundation now has a representative on the OUSD wellness committee.
  • Richard and Jennifer were on KOCT promoting the foundation and trot.
  • Thanksgiving Day was named Move Your Feet Before You Eat! Day in Oceanside. Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery presented the proclamation at the 12th Annual PMCU O’side Turkey Trot.
  • The 12th Annual PMCU O’side Turkey Trot raised $24,505 for the foundation and local non-profits that serve Oceanside Residents
  • The foundation is now getting regular online donations from the Brenevity Community Impact Fund and American Online Giving Foundation.

2017 Running Program Summary

  • The foundation paid for Lap Trackers scanners and the annual subscriptions at 4 Schools: (Del Rio, Laurel, Libby, and San Luis Rey). Below are the results of Oceanside and Vista Student Laptracker Fall programs. Vista programs are paid for by Vista Schools and PTA


Runners Laps Mileage
Del Rio Elementary 167 1869 374
Laurel Elementary 206 2897 584
Libby Elementary 132 6636 857
San Luis Rey Elementary 126 1656 331
Foothill Oak Elementary 514 2418 476
Grapevine Elementary 455 9082 1,144
Maryland Elementary 93 728 150
Temple Heights Elementary 682 31829 7,071
Vista Academy 441 20062 3,350