Our Free School Miles of Smiles Running and/or Walking Program

Our foundation is passionate about the fact that we are all hunter gatherers and need to get in our daily miles to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

Every Fall and Spring, we help coordinate free running programs at local elementary and middle schools utilizing an online lap tracking application and student ID cards. We typically have programs at Casita Center for Technology, Christa McAuliffe, Del Rio Elementary, Libby Elementary, Laurel Elementary, San Luis Rey Elementary, Stuart Mesa, South Oceanside Elementary, North Terrace. Programs are overseen by teachers, parents and or staff. Some programs are run through the Oceanside Boys and Girls Club.

Each year, students who run 50 miles in a semester will receive a pair of Miles of Smiles shoelace in recognition on their efforts!

This year, we are also offering Running across CA car magnets for students completing 170 miles during the school year!

Learn how the scanner works here.

Greetings Educators!

We are so excited to let you know that our free, Miles of Smiles Running/Walking program is available for your students and teachers for the rest of 2022/2023.

We encourage you to join now and get the program going. In the fall, we will just need to update the student lists.

We have a variety of free incentives available including:

1. Individual Mileage Completion certificates

2. Classroom Mileage Charts

3. Fitness finders running feet charms

4. Miles of Smiles Shoelaces (50 Miles) Running Across California finisher medal (170) miles

6. Running Across California Car Magnets (170 Miles)

The goal of the program is to have students average at least one mile per day to help put a smile on the face and improve focus in the classroom.

We believe “Miles of Smiles” will help each student reach their goals of good mental, physical and emotional health. To start a program, contact us at [email protected] or use the contact form to the below.

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    Thank you for supporting our Miles of Smiles Program!