Every Fall and Spring, we help coordinate running programs at local elementary schools using the latest lap tracking technology. See our programs at Del Rio Elementary, Libby Elementary, Laurel Elementary, San Luis Rey Elementary, Stuart Mesa, South Oceanside Elementary, and Temple Heights Elementary.

Stuart Mesa Principal Emily Parra is with MYFBYE Executive Director Kathy Kinane at the kick off Miles of Smile program. The goal of the program is to have students average at least one mile per day to help put a smile on the face and improve focus in the classroom.

We believe “Miles of Smiles” will help each student reach their goals of good mental, physical and emotional health.

Read recent press coverage about the Miles of Smiles program here.

Live Well San Diego named the foundation a partner and proclaimed April 5th Move Your Feet Before You Eat! Day in San Diego County.

Our goal for Fall 2018 is to raise $38,000 to provide Student Laptrackers to the public elementary schools in Oceanside for 2 years. This system is very simple, inexpensive and effective. Our OUSD fitness statistics are in great need of improvement. Let’s give teachers a hand. After we get the elementary schools going we will help out Middle and High School. We need your help.

Donation can be made through this link or you can send a check to Move Your Feet Foundation 603 Seagaze Dr. #968 Oceanside, CA 92054. Tax ID Number 26 – 0816292.

2017-2018 School Year Running Program Summary

School Runners Laps Ran Mileage
Del Rio Elementary 



Laurel Elementary



Libby Elementary 



San Luis Rey Elementary



South Oceanside Elementary



Temple Heights Elementary